Common Misconceptions about iCare Advisors

1. iCare Advisors receives “kickbacks” when they make financial, equipment, or vendor recommendations.

iCare Advisors is unique in the industry with respect to our steadfast ethics and will never take any form of financial compensation for any of our vendor recommendations. We are invested solely in the best interests and success of our clients. This means we are not under contract with, or tied to, any vendor program and are able to change recommendations in real time to ensure that we are offering what is best for our clients. We back up this statement with a no “kickback” guarantee.

2. iCare Advisors uses a “cookie-cutter” cold start process.

While we recognize that there will be common elements to any successful cold start, each of our clients has a unique practice mission, financial and family situation, location, demographics, and professional experience. Our engagement is specific to each client’s needs and vision for their practice. This includes, but is not limited to: branding, design, equipment, frame inventory, and vendor selection.

3. iCare Advisors accepts all clients and will encourage everyone to cold start a practice.

iCare Advisors has a very selective process for client engagement. We firmly believe that starting cold is not for everyone and will be the first to let an individual know if we think that opening a practice is not the best option for them. We only choose to work with driven doctors, and their support network, who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in an evolving, competitive marketplace.

4. iCare Advisors does not have weekly “check-in” calls to monitor the cold start process.

Better yet, we are available 24 hours a day through our many client-friendly communication platforms to discuss your project as it develops. There is no need to wait for a weekly call when you can text, Slack, call or email our entire team at any time.

5. iCare Advisors offers a similar process and offers the same advice as other consulting firms.

iCare Advisors is unique in the industry. Every member of our team has been part of a cold start optometric practice and is still actively involved in private practice. You have access to our entire team throughout your journey. Our active involvement in private practice allows us to adapt to current optometric trends and ever-changing, third-party insurance formularies so that we can apply new strategies to maximize profit.

6. iCare Advisors’ focus on ‘opening lean’ means our clients’ practices will not be high tech or modern.

The cold starts that iCare Advisors have worked with are among the most modern, visually appealing, well designed, technologically advanced practices in the industry. While we do not believe in incurring debt that does not generate a return on investment, we firmly support and encourage our clients to be cutting-edge and practice full-scope optometry in an environment that fulfills their mission.