About iCare

At iCare Advisors, we are committed to private practice. We are young, dynamic leaders in our profession that understand the unique challenges that new graduates face. We understand and have lived with the financial burdens of exorbitant student loan debt. We have personally overcome these challenges to start successful private practices nationwide and enjoy advising young optometrists on how to reach their ultimate goal of private practice ownership.

It's Personal

iCare Advisors offers a personalized approach to consulting. We believe each individual doctor and each private practice opportunity is unique. We meet with our clients in person to provide counsel. We customize our approach to your specific location and knowledge base, which allows us to offer our clients superior value for the necessary consulting services provided.

Dr. Eric Baas


Dr. Eric Baas is a co-founder and principal of iCare Advisors, LLC and the co-owner of Sight Optical in Chicago and Union Eyes in Lemont, IL. He is also the Practice Management Curriculum Coordinator at the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) where he teaches the Business of Optometry course and Private Practice Simulator elective.  Dr. Baas graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in biological sciences.  He then earned his Doctorate of Optometry degree from ICO and went on to complete a residency in Primary Care and Ocular Disease.

Upon finishing residency, Dr. Baas continued to work as a clinical instructor at the Illinois College of Optometry while simultaneously opening a private practice cold in a busy metropolitan area of Chicago. A few years later, he played an integral role in the design, development, and operation of the Rosenbloom Center, which is a state-of-the-art 5000 square foot clinic dedicated to the eye care needs of the aging population and visually impaired.  He is the former Chief of the Alfred and Sarah Rosenbloom Center on Vision and Aging at the Illinois Eye Institute and the Director of Continuing Education at ICO. 

In addition to teaching practice management at ICO, Dr. Baas is actively involved with the Private Practice Club as well as the Sports Vision Club, serving as the team optometrist for the University of Illinois-Chicago. He is also the 2016 Young Alumnus of the Year at the Illinois College of Optometry.  Dr. Baas brings extensive knowledge and experience in financing, location analysis, lease negotiation, and practice design to the iCare Advisors team.

Dr. Robert Steinmetz


Dr. Robert Steinmetz is the co-founder and principal of iCare Advisors LLC and the owner of SoLo Eye Care and Eyewear Gallery in Chicago. Dr. Steinmetz graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame and earned his Doctorate of Optometry degree as a cum laude graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry.

Upon graduation, Dr. Steinmetz opened a private practice cold in a highly competitive area with no assets or loan co-signers. He completed this successful process again two years later in a commercialized market in downtown Chicago. His story has been featured in Review of Optometry and told in numerous lectures to private practice clubs around the country.

Dr. Bob is the 2006 Illinois Young Optometrist of the Year, the 2015 Illinois Optometrist of the Year, a past trustee in the Illinois Optometric Association, a member of the American Optometric Association and a member of the Illinois Optometric Association PAC Board.  Dr. Steinmetz is a frequent lecturer and serves on the advisory board of several major contact lens manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Steinmetz serves as a frequent eyewear fashion consultant for celebrity photography shoots in Chicago.  He brings a broad knowledge of demographic appropriate eyewear selection, insurance profitability maximization, and optical design to the iCare Advisors team.

Dr. Kristin O’Brien


Dr. Kristin S. O’Brien is the Director of Marketing and Analytics at iCare Advisors LLC and owner of Vision Source of GVR in Denver, Colorado. Dr. O’Brien graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors in Applied Biology and earned her Doctorate of Optometry degree from the Michigan College of Optometry in 2013.

Days after graduating, Dr. O’Brien opened her private practice cold with the help of two optometry mentors who are now her business partners.  The story of her unique cold start platform was featured in Women In Optometry, the Vision Source Gazette, as well in-person lectures at almost every student private practice club in the United States.

Dr. O’Brien is the 2017 Colorado Young Optometrist of the Year, the International Vision Council 2016 Next Generation Innovator, and the recipient of the Marchon Practice Management Award in 2013. Dr. O’Brien is an active member of the American Optometric Association and is the President of the Colorado Optometry Young Professional Club.  She also serves on the advisory board for several optometric industry leaders and is a regular lecturer for both students and doctors.

It’s because of Dr. O’Brien’s passion for promoting private practice and inspiring the next generation of optometrists to pursue their cold start practice dreams that she joined the iCare Advisors team. She brings experience in marketing, human resources and metrics-based tools to help doctors grow their practice.

Dr. Audrey Raley


Dr. Audrey Raley is the Client Experience Specialist at iCare Advisors LLC and oversees the initial on-boarding and official launch of cold-start practices. She is the owner and founder of Refined Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery in New Braunfels, Texas. Dr. Raley graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in Biomedical Sciences and is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry.

She was introduced to iCare Advisors by one of her optometry mentors and was able to open cold with their method in just under two years from graduation.  As a former highly successful client, she was hand-picked to aid clients in maximizing the resources provided by iCare Advisors and support them on their journey to profitability.

Dr. Raley is an active member in the Texas Optometry Association as well as the American Optometric Association. She is the San Antonio Leader for the Young ODs of America and enjoys mentoring students and young doctors.

As a former client who has successfully completed the iCare Advisors strategic cold start process, Dr. Raley provides a unique perspective to the iCare team and their clients. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and she brings valuable insights into profitability, in-office finishing strategies, chair-side prescribing tactics and initial cold start metrics.