• Every doctor on our team has personally opened one or multiple successful cold start locations.

    iCare Advisors understands your needs. We have walked in your shoes, taken on exorbitant amounts of student debt, and risked it all to achieve our dreams. We have helped hundreds of practices through this stressful and time-intensive process and are here for you.
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    Our process is customized to meet your needs.

    We recognize that there will be common foundational elements to any successful cold start, and we also recognize that each of our clients has a unique practice mission, financial and family scenario, location, demographic, and professional experience. We each have personal expertise in different modes of practice including specialty contact lens, high-end optical, dry eye, myopia management, advanced care, and pediatrics. Your process and projections will vary based on your mission and model.

    Our recommendations are based upon firsthand experience and extensive research.

    Your financial, personal, and professional future is our primary concern. We have spent countless hours developing these programs and modify them based on real time pricing changes, advancements in technology, insurance formulary modifications and state laws. Not all equipment and innovative technology is the same. Quality and service is crucial. Your future depends on sound, accurate advice by experienced professionals who have vetted available options and evaluate research from peer-reviewed, reliable sources.

    Help is available outside normal business hours.

    We understand that our clients are in active patient care and have additional family obligations or academic commitments. We have designed our program to meet the needs of a busy professional. We are available 24 hours a day through our many client-friendly communication platforms to discuss your project as it develops. There is no need to wait for a weekly call when you can text, call or email our entire team at any time.

    iCare Advisors is truly unique in the industry.

    Every member of our team has been part of a cold start optometric practice and is still actively involved in private practice. You have access to our entire team throughout your journey. Our current involvement in private practice allows us to adapt to current optometric trends and ever-changing, third-party insurance formularies so that we can apply new strategies to maximize profitability.

    iCare Advisors is driven by proven data and metrics.

    Our extensive database of cold starts enables us to create a detailed business plan and pro forma that meet your lending institution's needs, while also assessing your performance and ensuring long-term profitability. Our data is all-inclusive and industry specific. Our team works tirelessly to update current levels of insurance reimbursement, contact lens pricing, formulary lens changes, metrics, profitability, rebate structures, billing and coding principles, credentialing roadblocks, and solutions to unexpected problems encountered in the daily life of a new private practice owner.

    We focus on opening lean.

    We have multiple lending partners to meet your cold start needs. We understand lending restrictions and customize your project based on your tolerance for risk and access to capital. iCare Advisors cold starts are among the most modern, visually appealing, well designed, technologically advanced practices in the industry. While we do not believe in incurring debt that does not generate a return on investment, we firmly support and encourage our clients to practice full-scope optometry in a cutting-edge environment that fulfills their mission.

    Our fee structure aligns with the lean cold start budget.

    Since inception, we have charged a small initial engagement fee that covers all communication, consultation, access to our proprietary iCare Advisors platform access, business plan development, procurement of financing, and unlimited communication until your build out begins. Once construction commences, the remaining consulting fee balance is then payable. In most scenarios, this fee is accounted for in the loan from a preferred healthcare financial institution from which we take no points or referral fees. This strategy avoids repeated monthly expenses while financing and a location is secured which saves a significant amount of loan interest. While many clients begin their buildout within six months, some ground builds can take up to two years and your initial deposit covers that entire period.

    iCare Advisors does not receive any “kickbacks” when we make financial, equipment, or vendor recommendations.

    iCare Advisors is unique in the industry for our unwavering ethical standards. We never take any form of financial compensation from any of our vendor recommendations. We are invested solely in the best interests and success of our clients. This means we are not tied to any vendor program and can change recommendations in real time to ensure that we offer the best technology, programs, and pricing for our clients. These principles and relationships allow us to pass all savings directly to the client.

    We are selective in choosing future clients.

    iCare Advisors has a selective process for client engagement. We firmly believe that starting cold is not for everyone. We have a broad knowledge base of cold start activity in specific geographical areas allowing us to make successful location recommendations based on maintaining competitive balance. We will be the first to let you know if we think that opening a cold start practice is not the best option for you and provide you with alternative solutions to meet your goals. We only choose to work with driven doctors, and their support network, who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in an evolving, competitive marketplace.