Starting Cold

We are unique in the marketplace. We focus solely on private practice creation and laying the groundwork for a successful, profitable practice from day one. We believe in personal interaction to better understand our clients’ needs and practice environment.

Private Practice is Personal

Starting a practice is stressful; our approach is hands-on. We will meet with you in person and you will have unlimited access to our team which is unrivaled in our industry. It is our mission to make you and your private practice succeed.

Location and Design

Let us create your brand.  We will assist you in finding a perfect location and advise you on the design of your space to make it as unique as the care you provide.  We will personally analyze the local marketplace to assess your position and how to set you apart from your competition.  Through demographic research and analysis, we will help select your necessary equipment and frame lines to ensure your office profits from both medical procedures and optical goods.

Business Plan and Financing

We will assist you in creating a personalized business plan that will allow you to secure favorable financing and ensure you are well positioned for successful practice operation.  We have established an extensive network of traditional and nontraditional financing options to provide you with optimal financial support through the entire process and into lasting profitability.

Doctor and Staff Training

Our program will provide you with the necessary resources on properly explaining medical procedures, how to bill and code, challenges with ICD 10, managing staff, frame selection and proper verbiage used when explaining important products and services. You will receive a complete office manual, and we will advise you on resources to train your staff on essential fraud prevention, compliance, and safety measures that are integral to maintain your license and protect your investment.

Let's get started