Lessons Learned: Second Time Through Opening A Practice Was Easier

Kristin O’Brien, OD, is no stranger to starting a practice; she did it once in Denver, Colorado, just after graduating. Afterward, Dr. O’Brien worked with iCare Advisors, consulting other cold-start practices. These experiences helped make her most recent opening of Denver Eye Care in Denver, North Carolina, all the easier. “I think it was interesting to go through the iCare …

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20/20 Money Podcast: Warming up to cold starts (Part 2)

Dr. Bob and Dr. Eric continue their conversation with Adam Cmejla, CFP of 20/20 Money by discussing the runway to profitability and how they think about the return on investment in equipment in a cold start, how you grow into the next “chapter” of the practice’s life cycle, why a 2nd location might be better than expansion of your existing location, staffing and scheduling best practices, their outlook on cold starts and private equity’s influence on the success of cold starts, and we wrap it up with their insightful answers to the one question I ask every first-time guest of 20/20 Money.

20/20 Money Podcast: Warming up to cold starts (Part 1)

Dr. Eric and Dr. Bob talk to Adam Cmejla, CFP on the 20/20 Money podcast about how important it is to “start with why” when considering a cold start and the importance of having a mission and vision statement guide the process of opening your practice. We talk about the importance of having goals, taking the time to grow into your practice, and the importance of involving your spouse in the decision making process as well. We spend the rest of the time talking about one of the most important factors that plays into any cold start: location and occupancy cost.

Sandbox Story

Bob & Eric recently sat down with their friend and colleague, Dr. Scott Jens, for a candid discussion about the more personal aspects of their career path. Hear about how iCare Advisors started and who inspired them on their journey.

Opening Cold in the Current Climate

Dr. Eric Baas and Dr. Matt Geller discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of private practice ownership and provide insight on how to navigate these changes.

Memories Revisited And A Vision Refined

Audrey Raley, OD, cherishes many happy memories she has of being a child in New Braunfels, Texas, with her friends and her grandmother. The historic, German community often has fun, live music events going on and was adjacent to the town of Gruene, home of the oldest Texas dance hall. “It’s very vivacious, and New Braunfels has the same ‘support …

Starting a Practice Cold: The Big Questions Answered

Starting a practice cold gives you a chance to create a new business from the ground up, realizing your vision of patient care, and delivering your concept of the ideal patient experience. There are numerous advantages to starting a practice cold compared to purchasing a practice. The most obvious is the purity of the process; you have complete control of …

Retail Strategies: Driving SoLo

Chicago’s South Loop is a patchwork quilt of landmark buildings and modern skyscrapers, a place where museums and universities cozy up to parks and recreational fields. It’s where artists, musicians and students stand in line next to young professionals at Whole Foods and South Loop Market; it’s where friends and business partners grab a coffee at The Spoke & Bird, …